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(Retrofitting) Metal Roofs in Delray Beach

One of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of metal roofs lies in the option of being able to install them over existing roofing systems. This is not something you would ever think about when considering slate, clay, or any other roofing options in the market. All of them tend to need a base and structure that is unique and prepared for them only.

However, when you think about metal roofs and start learning about all the possibilities and options available you understand they are quite flexible and come with many benefits. The fact that you can install them over another roof gives you the option of saving money and time. You will not have to remove the old roof nor worry about having to spend more money on another roofing system that you might not be able to pay for at the moment. Now, how is it possible to install a metal roof in those conditions?

Re-Roofing (Retrofitting) Metal Roofs-Metro Metal Roofing Company of Delray Beach

Since you will work with a roof that is lightweight due to the metal and nothing else, you do not have to think about placing a specific structure for it. Panels, shingles, and tiles made of metal are as a cover—to call it in a way that is easy to understand—and only need to be placed with some fasteners and nails, maybe click locks. Of course, when you install the metal roof alone as the main system, you have more steps to take due to the preparations and how the structure should be in this case.

However, that is not where we want to get. The entire concept of this is to re-roof your current roofing system with metal options that will give it more durability, longevity, and a new design that will make your roof look like new. All this without spending so much money in the process. Now that you understand this re-roofing concept, you must know that it is also possible for metal roofs that are already installed. In short, you can re-roof a metal roof with another metal roof.

It can be a bit confusing and people would consider it a simple replacement. But replacing the roof would mean you need to get rid of every part of the old one and place the new system. In this case, that is not how it works. In the metal roofing industry, it is possible to use the same type of material and design in order to compensate for the areas that are damaged or old in the existing roof.

In this way, you will be able to add more years and even decades to the metal roof you have installed without going through the entire replacement process, which can be expensive. It is as simple as placing new panels over the old ones or getting rid of those that are way too damaged to be used. This project can sound simple, but it takes more expertise and training than you think. After all, it is not about placing a panel over another one without thinking about the possible consequences or problems that can come in the future and you want to prevent at all cost.

Therefore, leave it to our experts at Metro Metal Roofing Company of Delray Beach.  We will make sure to handle the entire process and deliver the best result. That being said, there is another option you need to know about when owning a metal roofing system.

Retrofitting is not the same

Many people tend to confuse or mistake retrofitting with re-roofing and we actually understand why. The purpose of both services is the same: strengthen the current roof with some additions. But instead of using panels or the principle we mentioned and explained before, roof huggers are used in retrofitting. Those are bases and an additional structure that helps to keep the metal roof in place and even give the opportunity to add more elements.

Like a new layer that helps to cool down the property, or deal with any other problem the climate and structure have been causing you. In general, retrofitting works better when you have other projects and needs in your hands. After all, you can add more and still get the initial purpose covered. Keep in mind that both processes can be hard to deal with when you have no idea about them, so retrofitting is also a ‘no’ for the DIY ideas.

Our team of experts can handle this within a few days and guarantee you will have a durable and long-lasting metal roof on your property again. Just be patient about the process, it is not easy to install roof huggers nor determine the condition of the roof before working on it. This means we will also need to take our time to perform an inspection that will help us to know the metal roof from top to bottom. This is something we cannot negotiate with property owners.

The only way to perform the service and guarantee good results is to get to know the current roof as if we were the ones who installed it and have been performing maintenance for the last several years. We might be though, but we will still need to determine what happened during all the time we were not able to follow up on the condition of the roof. It is a lot of work indeed, but it is not something we are not used to. Most commercial buildings require this service at some point since all of them tend to have metal roofs installed and their owners do their best to keep the roof in place as long as they can.

It has offered them a good ROI and many other benefits, so there is no point in not worrying about it and planning something that can be done in order to keep it for many other years without replacing it. Now that you know all this, we will be waiting for your call, email, or visit whenever you need to get any of those projects done.

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