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Working with structures that are not common is always a challenge for every roofer and professional in the area of property renovations, remodeling, and installations. After all, when you face something you are not used to seeing, there is a lot of pressure on how you are going to get the task done. In the case of roofing, either installing or repairing and performing maintenance, things can get a bit difficult for an expert in the field. If you cannot picture a situation for this, just imagine a tapered roof.

We all know that tapered surfaces require more attention since you cannot just take the panels—in this case—and place them as usual. It is not a plain roof that will get the same shape as always. Instead, it is necessary to put more dedication into the project and think, “how am I going to do this?”. Are you having a situation like this with your roof? That means you are having headaches lately.

For property owners with a tapered roof, the challenge is to find a roofing system that can meet their preferences, give the design they are looking for, be affordable, and look neat like any other roof. After they make the decision, they still need to look for an expert or company that is able to deliver the results he or she wants. If you are taking some advice, here is one: consider metal panels.

Tapered Panels Metal Roof-Metro Metal Roofing Company of Delray Beach

Metal panels are amazing for any type of roof and structure, so much, that you can get them installed over an existing roof. In the case of tapered surfaces, it is easy to shape the panels according to the design you want and need to obtain. After all, unlike other roofing systems that would easily crack or are impossible to fit into the tapered structure, you can cut and bend metal panels however you want to. Therefore, obtaining a specific design and style is not impossible.

Actually, we are confident that most of the tapered roofs you see in Palm Beach County and the entire state of Florida have tapered metal panels installed. Just make sure you find the right roofers, cutters, and professionals in metal roofing that can get this done. In the metal roofing industry, tapered panels are a challenge that not everyone is willing to take nor have the experience to do it. It takes not only expertise and knowledge but also the right equipment and tools.

Fortunately, our company Metro Metal Roofing Company of Delray Beach is available in the entire area and we have the best roofers and cutters in the United States. Many commercial buildings and even homes have tapered roofs nowadays, giving us a hard time in installing new tapered panels. However, we love a challenge and every time there is a project like this knocking on our doors, we are more than happy to take it and start right away.

Just keep in mind that this will take time and a good idea of what you want and what is possible at the end of the day. Now, we are sure you are a bit hesitant about metal roofs overall and you are thinking about questions like:

  • Will it look good?
  • Can I obtain the design I am looking for?
  • How long will it last?
  • Will the property be hotter than usual?
  • Is it easy to maintain?
  • Are there good benefits about it besides just being able to cut and bend the panels?

All these questions are normal and valid, and here are the answers in the same order:

  • Yes. Tapered panels can be painted and usually, people apply a coating layer to obtain specific finishes.
  • If you are trying to obtain a modern or traditional look, of course! It is all about choosing the right metal for the panels and getting the right contractors—us.
  • Metal roofs, including tapered panels like those, can last for over 50 years.
  • Not at all. Unlike what people believe, metal panels help to cool down the property thanks to their benefit of reflecting heat.
  • Yes. You only have to perform a few maintenances over the years and some repairs in case some panels are damaged.
  • You get a durable, long-lasting, stunning, low-cost, energy-efficient, and many other benefits when choosing this option.

We can continue all day, but let’s just keep it simple from here on: you will not regret going for tapered panels made of metal.

How can you access our services for this project? 

We are easy to find in the county, and we are sure there is an office near your city, town, or property. All you have to do is to call, email us, and let our staff know where you are located or if you wish to visit our offices. Remember that whatever your project is or need, we will be here for you. 

If you are looking for new installations and want to get your tapered panels done and installed for us, just ask for it! But if you are trying to find contractors and experts that can deliver amazing services when it comes to maintenance, repairs, re-roofing and many others that you might need with this roofing system, count us in. We will be available all year round for you and your problems. 

Keep always in mind that tapered panels are not something anyone can deal with. If you ask us to do the installation, we would love it if you continue looking for our experts so they can perform the future services that will be needed. In this way, we will know what we are dealing with and guarantee there are not issues too severe or serious for our contractors to deal with. Unless something unexpected took place during the years we will be away.

For more information about this service, feel free to ask all your questions when contacting us or reading a bit more about us on our website. There is a lot to choose, consider, and think about, so take your time with this decision.

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